leadership coaching

lead with authenticity and thrive

leadership coaching topic ideas

  • Being Heard – Lifting Your Voice
  • Maternity & Return to Work
  • Managing Up
  • New Manager
  • Promotion Strategy
  • New Role and Need a Refresh
  • Performance Review Strategy
  • Executive Presence
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Organizational Navigation
  • Public Speaking

60-min leadership coaching

$ 225
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30-min leadership coaching

$ 125
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Have you got a professional development budget to spend?

We can shape your leadership coaching objectives to satisfy the requirements for your organization to fund your coaching. We can even include Performance Review integration, new manager training, assessments, KPIs, and check-in sessions with your manager to align coaching goals and results.

I am happy to help advocate for you and help you get funded. Reach out to me – let’s make going to work rewarding!

executive leadership coaching

$ 1500

6-months of one-to-one coaching 2x per month

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women’s group coaching

$ 750

6-months of group coaching 2x per month

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Explore an assessment to gain deeper insights

360 Assessment

$ 400

Looking for well-rounded feedback beyond your manager?

A 360 lets you choose the responders for feedback. We’ll discuss your strategy, launch the 360, and interpret the feedback in a 60-min session

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Birkman Assessment

$ 375

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of what motivates you, what causes stress, the best work environments for you, and how to deal with difficult people?

A Birkman is a great assessment for you. I’ve been a Senior Certified Birkman Interpreter for over 15 years for hundreds of clients.

Take the assessment and we’ll interpret the feedback in a 60-min session.

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